"An amazing team who are willing to go the extra mile and even look at items that they have not been contracted to work on"

An independent film producer from Hong Kong had a requirement to add accessibility to a short film with Cantonese audio that was due to be distributed to a North American Audience. Part of this requirement was to ensure American citizens of Chinese origin could access this content in with English Captions.

Once the requirements and timelines were understood our team was mobilised and completed a turnaround of the 46 minutes film within one day of receiveing the raw content.

As part of our quality control process it was discovered that the lip sync of the audio track was not within typical tolerance levels, we promptly notified the client. This was quickly rectified; the launch went ahead as planned with no downtime.


"The team found the most impressive content"

An European Broadcaster was interested in finding independent content that could be used as a pilot for streaming Asian content with English subtitles. Their objective was to use the viewing figures to determine their content procurement strategy for the 2019 Summer Season.

Following our standard methodology once the results were defined the team proceeded to contact independent content rights owners in Far East Asia. A short list of 6 short form series were hand picked out of 16 submitted entries. As part of our brief the final selection was limited to 3 episodes in order to fill a 60 minute time slot.

The content was then ingested into our platform, advertising inserted in line with the partner schedule and quality controlled.

 This was then made available for playout to the viewers with our marketing team running a parallel viral live interaction during the airtime to engage viewers and solicit feedback.

On completion of the pilot, our analysis report was completed and sent through to the partner.

The partner was very satisified with the outcome and they commissioned one of the series for a full season in 2019.


"Agility is an understatement. We had a requirement to convert our content to multiple formats and bit rate as we wanted to reach commuters with low bandwidth requirement. The team took our problem, analysed it and we achieved our outcome".

A broadcaster wanted to enter an emerging market and needed technical capability to compliment their inhouse team. This was a challenging engagement as the target audience where commuters who would watch this content while travelling to and from work due to long working days.

Once our teams recieved the brief, they carried out our standard analysis of the challenge and following the agile delivery methodology developed a number of sprints to prototype the solution.

Part of this prototyping involved creating a simulation network on which we could scale test the service, in addition to re-encoding the content using variable bit rate to ensure seemless delivery to diverese range of mobile devices.

During the launch period the quality of service was not compromised with peak viewing of 11.6 million streams using HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).

Our rigorous design and testing process ensured the solution could handle up to 20 million live streams if required.


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